The systemic consulting approach views every single person, every department, every process as part of a whole, interacting system. Great value is placed on the cooperation between the parts of the system (people, processes, etc.), on clearly defined basic orders and targets as well as on activating and strengthening resources. In taking this approach as our mission, we analyze processes, people and structures in companies for our clients. We support our clients during change and optimization processes, work in an advisory capacity to help solve conflicts and identify ways to improve communications channels.

To us, a systemic, integrative approach to consulting is the perfect model to complement classic, content-oriented expert-based consulting rooted in special expertise and experience.

An overview of our services:

Business Coaching
We understand a coach as an "assistant" to the client. In this function, the coach's job is to use various techniques to support the client, to define and achieve targets clearly, to overcome existing obstacles, to activate potentials and resources and to optimize performance potential.
The focus of business coaching is on cooperation with the client in a business system environment. The business coach often assumes the duties of the external "sparring partner", i.e. a partner who is not tangled up in the company's web of relationships and processes and can thus provide an analysis of the different processes, plans and problem situations from a different perspective.

Systemic organizational development consulting
Change Management
Every system is subject to constant change! Manifold changes in and about a structure (targets, people, markets, environment, etc.) cause changes in processes and structures.

We (support) assist your company as a partner during a stock-taking baseline study and analysis of existing structures, provide support during restructuring and realignment and stand by your side to define and restructure organizations and processes. We support all of these processes from their development to their complete implementation.

As companies cooperate and work together (joint ventures, mergers, takeovers), using the systemic consulting approach, we assist with the preparations (pre-merger) as well as the implementation of new structures (post-merger).

Workshops, Facilitation & Mediation
We support you during the planning and holding of workshops and meetings with your employees or customers. Depending on the defined target, our involvement takes the form of support during preparation and follow-up, as supervision and back-up, as active facilitation or the direct lead during mediation or arbitration.
Our offerings are available as individual modules, comprising elements such as Preparation or Facilitation, as well as complete packages, incl. event management (invitations, location, service).

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