The prerequisite for data-driven campaigns and programmatic:
Digitale Transformation & Automation

In the age of artificial intelligence and "programmatic", digital transformation seems to be an outdated topic from the last century. Especially in the modern media and advertising world. Or so you might think.

But especially in small and medium-sized media companies - such as local radio stations - many work steps are still carried out manually and are therefore time-consuming. Valuable customer contacts and data are "only" stored in the heads of media consultants, booking inquiries are made by phone or email and discounts are renegotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Even if index cards and paper files are a thing of the past, there can be no talk of digital transformation if the various computer systems and data on computers and servers are not synchronized. If programs, e.g. for CRM, advertising bookings and financial accounting, are not linked and the systematization, maintenance and evaluation of important data falls by the wayside in day-to-day business. The effort involved in manual process control is enormous and, unfortunately, so is the revenue potential that is lost due to inefficient workflows.

In the beginning was the digital transformation, you could say. And automation. Because only when as many processes as possible in the management and handling of the media business are digitally automated, when data (banks) - thanks to automation - are prepared and "maintained" completely, systematically, networked and efficiently, can further data-based technologies such as AI and programmatic even be considered.

Digital transformation and automation are therefore nothing less than a matter of survival - at least for private media publishers whose business model is based on advertising revenue.

If you would like to know how you can advance digitization and automation in your company in particular, which specific processes need to be optimized and how, which software makes sense and how existing systems can be linked to new ones via interfaces if necessary, how your own inventory can be marketed more successfully through automation and how advertising customers can be served faster, how you can save resources and optimize revenues while avoiding common mistakes, for example in security and data protection, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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