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AI for sales and sales operations

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been electrifying the media world, and not just since ChatGPT. In fact, AI-based applications have already found their way into everyday media life in many cases. The type and scope of their use in content production is rightly the subject of debate, as not everything that is technically possible is necessarily desirable and/or ethically justifiable. Just think of artificial presenters and interview partners on the radio who speak with the voices of "real" deceased people, or deceptive avatars in TV, video games, etc. This is all the more true if the "emotionality" factor is soon to be significantly improved. The line between reality and "intelligent" fiction (also fake) is becoming ever thinner.

What may be difficult in the editorial field does not apply to the possibilities and opportunities that artificial intelligence opens up for the advertising business in the media. Hand in hand with digitalization, automation and programmatic: from AI-supported spot and ad production to automated, AI-controlled buying and selling processes on online platforms and digital marketplaces to the intelligent, dynamic adaptation of campaigns, e.g. to local conditions or changing highlights.

The area of "sales automation" is less spectacular, but extremely efficient and promising. More precisely, the great optimization potential of automated, AI-supported sales operations, especially for media and particularly audio companies. AI can be used to process both your own data and data from the internet about (potential) customers and customer needs in a targeted manner in order to adapt the sales strategy and trigger specific actions automatically.

All the better if a customer platform already exists on which companies can interact with their customers online: an important building block for a successful and future-oriented sales strategy. What companies have been successfully demonstrating in the end consumer business for a long time should also be common practice in the B2B sector.

From convenient and secure customer portals, data-driven lead scoring, automated contacting and early warning systems to the ongoing calculation of booking and order probabilities based on segmented customer data: We would be happy to advise you on what sales automation means for your company and how your sales department can benefit from AI and machine learning in the long term.

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